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The book! January 6, 2010

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Choosing the right cookbook has caused a lot of unnecessary angst (this is supposed to be fun, right?) The recipes have to  be challenging, but not ridiculous.  They must be things we would actually want to eat. The number of recipes must be do-able  in a year.

I thought about using Michael Symon’s new book, Live to Cook. I’d be supporting the hometown kid, blah blah. But, sadly, it  has several recipes for beef cheeks, which are unavailable even at the fancy local butchery here. Another recipe calls for boiling a pig head. Even if I wanted to do such a thing, which I most certainly do not, I can’t imagine where I would get a pig’s head. Or a pot big enough to cook it in.  I mean, it’s bad enough when my husband boils chicken feet for stock. :::hurl::: Then there’s the chapter on pickling that starts with pickled cherries. What?!

So, that leaves me with Martha Stewart’s Dinner At Home: “52 quick meals to cook for family & friends.” We’ll see.  There are 52 menus, with starters, entrees, sides and dessert. I have a feeling that a meal Ms. Stewart thinks can be accomplished in an hour will take someone like me three. This will be a challenge for me because  I don’t normally plan out multiple courses. If I make an entree, I might make a side, and forget about vegetables, until  my husband wanders into the kitchen five minutes before dinner and asks what vegetable we’re having. So, we eat a lot of steamed vegetables that don’t require actual recipes. And I hate making salads. Something about it is so fiddly, what with the washing, and drying, and chopping, and tossing.  If I make a dessert, it tends to be a stand alone item.  Cook a dinner and dessert, too?! Madness!

The cookbook is divded up by season, with 13 meals  for each. The first one in the winter section is already giving me pause:  creamy oyster soup*, ham and cheese sandwiches**, celery root and walnut salad***, and pear and dried cherry baked custard****

* Oysters=Ew. Creamy seafood= Ew x 4

**Husband doesn’t eat pork. But really, this is a speck/proscuitto panini so there is hope because he eats aged pork

***I am allergic to walnuts

****I don’t like custards, or especially clafouti, which this is, essentially.

BTW! I forgot to mention above that this crappy blog will not be a means for me to learn any  life lessons! And if one should happen to creep in somehow, you will certainly never hear about it from me.


7 Responses to “The book!”

  1. sunny Says:

    query..what happens if your blog turns out not to be so crappy? can we still refer to it as your crappy blog? so far the crappy part seems to be in hiding!

    and what the heck are you gonna do about your oyster problem??

  2. Lana Says:

    Karen – I love this!!! I can’t wait for the rest – yum!!!

  3. caitlin Says:

    so what will you do? cook the things you don’t like for other people? or go whole hog, eat all that you don’t like and are not allergic to and expand horizons?

    i am with you regarding creamy seafood.

    • I will not make anything I’m allergic to–will probably substitute pecans for the walnuts in this case. Haven’t decided what to do about the other issues. You will have to come back to see what happens!

  4. El Corte Says:

    Oyster stew can be amazingly good and amazingly bad! Just treat the oysters with love and respect and they will in turn give you a sweet finish… mmmmm….oystery.

    Don’t turn your nose up at dairy mixed with seafood… it can be rather delicious : ) You know that your friends are within only a few blocks away should you find yourself cooking a recipe that you can’t eat. I think I speak for all of us when I say…. PICK ME FOR THE TASTE TEST!

  5. lsaspacey Says:

    I can see the book now, “Karen & Martha: Hangin’ in the Kitchen.” Are you really sure you want to mess with Martha’s BS?

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