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Losing our heads January 18, 2010

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Today was a big day in the Squeaky Peanut household: Eviscerated Squab Day!

Luckily I wasn’t in the operating room while its head and feet were removed, but I got a photo of it before it was decapitated. It’s really pretty cute. Poor thing….

I will spare you the photograph of it with its entrails spilling out  so as not to lose any subscribers. (I do have photos I can email to any sickos interested.)

Hubby followed a Julia Child recipe to roast it, and made some sautéed shiitake mushrooms, grilled bread, and split pea soup to accompany it. The bird was good but a bit gamey–it is considered a red meat, interestingly enough. The mushrooms and soup were scrumptious, as was the sparkling white from the Loire region.  Since this was lunch, we split the tiny bird.

Dessert was a lemon charlotte cake from Whole Foods=highly recommended!


8 Responses to “Losing our heads”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Aww, poor squab! I’ve never had that before.

  2. I can’t really recommend it. The amount of meat you get for the price is ridiculous.

  3. El Corte Says:

    SHOW ME THE CARNAGE!!! Can i see the other pictures, pretty please?????

  4. Drury Says:

    When I was a child my father did alot of bird hunting and fishing. We would go with him, my brothers more than me, but afterwards he always had us help clean the birds or fish. I have spent many an hour picking dove, holding the little things inside a paper bag, plucking away. Then watching my father snip off the head and feet with a large pair of Repousse-handled shears, then commencing to sticking his finger in the cavities under running water gutting the birds. We scaled fish, laughed when he instructed us to slice the fish open, starting at the anus (we probably laughed too much every time he said that), and then scrape out the guts.

    He ususally handled bigger birds, like geese, or took them to a place on 17th St. across from the market that would clean them. He always made sure to bring the severed geese feet and wings home because they were still jointed and we liked to walk them up and down the kitchen floor or take the wings for show and tell. Yes, our teachers thought we were weird.

    We were never grossed out by any of this because the food was so good, and the whole experience, from beginning to end, was such wonderful shared time.

    • Drury, you really need to write a memoir. You have the best stories! I can just see you walking the feet around!

      You know, it’s good to go through stuff like this sometimes. It’s too easy, with all the boneless, skinless chicken breasts around, to forget that meat comes from an actual animal.

      • Drury Says:

        And the food was GOOD. Really good. Not like the styrofoam you buy now. If I can ever find anybody who actually shoots some duck or dove I’ll have you over for it!

  5. Lisa Says:

    I’m kind of in the pretend it was never an animal, organic category. I think you were very brave to undertake this. What a great blog, will you be posting the recipes that you followed for this??

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