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Meal #4 She’s clearly trying to kill us January 26, 2010

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We’re deconstructing the menu this week because it’s way too much heavy food to be ingesting in one meal, or even within 24 hours.  This week’s menu is  served “Swiss Chalet” style. What? I’m no architectural historian but…. oh, wait, yes, I am! Those are architectural terms, not food terms.  A bit of stick-work salad, followed by filet of timber framing……

The menu: Cheese Fondue, Crispy Pork Cutlets, Egg Noodles with Sautéed Brussels-Sprouts Leaves, Cherry Compote over Chocolate Ice Cream

I’m not going to bother posting her recommended timing because all that’s been tossed out the window in fear for my personal health and safety.  Just yesterday I was telling my nurse practitioner about my project and she was appalled at what we’ve been eating, with the creamy soup, steak, etc. She suggested I cook my way through an Ellie Krieger cookbook, but agreed it wouldn’t be nearly as funny…..

The dessert: Last Sunday I had a late lunch, so I only wanted a bit of something sweet come dinner time. The dessert from this menu sounded perfect. The cherry compote involved simmering frozen cherries with a 1/4 cup of sugar and some water. When taken off the heat, I added 2 T Armagnac (the recipe calls for brandy) and 1 T lemon juice, then cooled it to room temperature. It was pretty tasty on its own, but nowhere near as good as the stuff we used to get at Little Poland, a Polish diner we frequented when we lived in NYC.

Martha suggests serving the compote with chocolate ice cream. Both my husband and I are lactose intolerant, so I was not too happy about dairy dessert number 4. I got around it with the other recipes by using lactose-free milk, and adding some lactase drops (which my husband procured off the interwebs) to the heavy cream 24 hours prior to use. I could have made my own ice cream, but didn’t want to wait a day to chill the bowl, then another day to  make it. I bought some chocolate sorbet instead, foiling Martha’s plot to give me gas with a side of heart attack. The combination was quite delicious; it was like eating  chocolate covered cherries without the creepy white liquid.

It’s better than it looks:

I do think this would be even better with the creaminess of ice cream but I am not playing into her murderous mitts. We tried the compote over the leftover rice pudding and it didn’t do anything for it. That rice pudding will not be adorned!


6 Responses to “Meal #4 She’s clearly trying to kill us”

  1. Lorraine Angus Says:


    maybe a Canuck will weigh in.

  2. Lorraine Angus Says:

    But it is just where I expect to run into Martha!

  3. Lisa Says:

    her time in prison makes more sense now.

    • Andipanda1 Says:

      Martha is clearly insane–either her recipes are too complicated or the meal combinations are insane (remember her MS Living editorial feature on a meal composed of white foods?!).

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