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Well, well. June 16, 2010

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I thought this meal was going to be half-assed. I barely even tried, only made half the dishes, didn’t buy the best ingredients, and yet. AND YET! It was delicious!

Meal No. 23: Fontina and Herb Flatbread; Prosciutto-Wrapped Pork Cutlets; Wilted Escarole; Amaretti-Ricotta Sandwiches (from Martha Stewart’s Dinner at Home)

I wasn’t looking forward to making this meal, but I need to move forward so we can get to the Summer section, seeing as it’s been a millionty degrees and is most assuredly summer, even if the calendar says we have a few more days left of spring. We are on track to have the hottest June EVER. It was “only” in the upper 80s today, so I thought I should cook something before it gets hotter this weekend.  I decided at the last minute to make this, and went shopping after work. I went to one store, Kroger, and just bought what they had, so there was no super-fancy prosciutto or Fontina involved. I didn’t have high expectations.

The Flatbread:

As I said, I made this the cheap and easy way. The recipe calls for store-bought pizza dough. Kroger doesn’t carry this, so I bought a thin Pillsbury crust. I didn’t like having to buy this–it can taste like chemicals to me, and it doesn’t have the proper pizza crust texture. I can make really good crust myself, using a Mark Bittman recipe, but there was no time.

The crust was brushed with 1 T of olive oil, sprinkled with chopped fresh marjoram (the recipe gives a choice of marjoram, oregano or thyme), topped with 4 oz of sliced Fontina,  a sliced shallot, salt and pepper, and a final drizzle of olive oil. She says to flour the baking sheet, but I used corn meal as I normally do when I make pizza. Then it’s baked–you can see that I overbaked the crust a tad.

It turned out really well! The Fontina and marjoram were a good combination, and who doesn’t love shallots? I am curious to try making this again with a proper pizza crust to see which version we like better.  We have both the herbs and cheese leftover, so it might show up again soon.

Prosciutto-wrapped “Pork’:

By now we all are aware that The Husband doesn’t eat pork unless it’s cured, so prosciutto=yes, pork chops=no. Besides, pork wrapped pork sounds kind of redundant and heavy, especially after a cheesey first course, so  I substituted chicken breasts pounded thin. It’s easy peasy to make this: place two slices of prosciutto on a work surface, top with a thin slice of lemon, then the chicken (which has been salted and peppered), another lemon slice, then wrap the prosciutto around the top, pressing it closed. Then it’s cooked in a skillet in olive oil until done. I had trouble wrapping the cutlet, as the prosciutto was too thin and fell apart, so it didn’t have the proper coverage.

Oh, my. This was delicious! The lemon gets steamed and softened enough that you can eat the peel (make sure you use organic lemons!) and it contrasts nicely with the salty prosciutto.

Wilted Escarole:

The grocery store didn’t have any fresh looking escarole, so I didn’t get to make this. It involves sautéing garlic in oil, then wilting the escarole in it, so we’ll just pretend it’s fine and not bitter.

Amaretti-Ricotta Sandwiches:

I didn’t make these, either (again! The Spring desserts have been problematic). It involves mixing up some ricotta cheese (which we can’t eat) with lemon zest and confectioner’s sugar, and spreading it between two Amaretti cookies, which we don’t like. I think something with blueberries would have been nice after the lemony meat.  


 I don’t get what is necessarily “spring-y” about this meal, but the two things we made were great and we’ll make them again. Both were simple and quick to make. The Husband said, “Finally, Martha shows that she may have hired some people with talent after all!”  (Let’s not forget that I did switch the meat to chicken, though.)

Flatbread:  A

Prosciutto-wrapped chicken: A


2 Responses to “Well, well.”

  1. El Corte Says:

    Pork wrapped in pork?!?! It was destined to be a success!

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