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And Another Thing… July 11, 2010

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You know what else irks me about this menu? The broiled tofu calls for one and a half packages of tofu, for 4 people. Why not just use two, Martha?! Why not just be generous and give your family or friends an extra slice? Or be stingy and use just one container? Because what am I supposed to do with half a block of tofu? If anyone suggests tofu scrambled “eggs” you will be summarily unsubscribed from this blog.  I don’t get the point of those–they don’t taste anything like an egg. And what is the vegan’s problem with eating eggs, anyway?  What is the harm in eating an egg from a truly free-range chicken, that gets to roam around eating bugs, pooping wherever it wants, and biding its time until it gets carried off by a hawk (true story)? Those eggs won’t ever be chickens, so just eat the damn things. 


Since I had already purchased the tofu and apricots, I figured I should just make the stupid meal. I had an errand at the mall and found some organic soba noodles at nearby Fresh Market, where they were $35.  Ok, not really. This week’s complete menu is on Martha Stewart’s website, evidently she invited Andie McDowell to make it on her TV show. She is just giving this stuff away, isn’t she? 

Tofu: The tofu was fine, and we liked the texture the broiling gave to it. I have a recipe for Thai-inspired marinated, grilled tofu with a carrot salad from my Weber grilling cookbook that is better. Also, she says to slice the tofu then press it, and everyone knows it’s easier to press it before you slice it. What is her problem? 

Sauce: Didn’t we make this a while back? Almost, but the dipping sauce for the sweet potatoes was just lemon and soy sauce, and this also has ginger and lemon peel. It’s good, but salty. The Husband liked it on the noodles. 

Soba Noodles: Martha is very, very fond of sugar snap peas.  We’ve already used them once, and there’s another recipe that calls for them coming up. I admit they are cute, but they are not the most flavorful things. How about some eggplant or zucchini? I substituted some local green beans. It’s a long story, but I ended up with fewer noodles than the recipe called for, but the full amount of vegetables (including carrot tendrils). The flavor was good, but The Husband thought it needed the dipping sauce, which I thought made it too salty. It could use some garlic. 

Sammy Soba


Apricots: YUCK! I think I mentioned that this was my least favorite fruit. The dried ones I had to get for that couscous recipe weren’t too awful, but these were nasty. I used almonds with skins, instead of blanched, because that’s what I had and they tasted weird to me, like they were three days from going rancid. That, paired with the baked apricot, just grossed me out. I had to eat a blackberry hand pie to recuperate. 

You can get with this : 

Or you can get with that: 


The Husband thought they were fine. He also pronounces them as APE-pricots, instead of AH-pricots, like I do.   

Last summer I grilled peaches with butter and brown sugar sprinkled on them. They were delicious. We should be doing that, instead. Or watermelon, to help get rid of all the salt we just ate. 


The tofu and soba noodles went well together, but it was a lot of salt; I did end up eating some watermelon afterwards. The apricots, aside from being icky, are a weird choice with the other menu items. 

Tofu:     B 

Sauce:   B 

Soba noodles:   B 

Baked apricots:  Since I have a prejudice against them, and suspect the almonds were not right, I will concede to The Husband’s grade of B.   But seriously, they were gross.


9 Responses to “And Another Thing…”

  1. Nicole Says:

    I approve of your hostility to the vegan diet.

  2. lsaspacey Says:

    Wow, I pronounce it AP-ricots, like the first part of HAP-py.

    Oh, and you HAD to eat a blueberry hand pie to get the taste out of you mouth? Riiiiight. Glass of water wouldn’t do?

  3. Joanna Says:

    “Just eat the damn things” — amen! If we weren’t meant to eat eggs, they wouldn’t be so tasty. Of course, the same might be said of bacon….mmmmm, bacon….

  4. Lana Says:

    you crack me up . . .I love Sammy Soba . . (and I love how cranky you are . .just like me 😉 we must be related!!!!

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