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Never mind July 11, 2010

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Martha done lost her mind!    

Broiling and baking!  Hello, IT IS SUMMER! God.    

Meal No. 29:  Broiled Black-Pepper Tofu; Lemon Soy Dipping Sauce; Soba Noodles; Baked Apricots    

This meal has already ticked me off and I haven’t even made it yet. The grocery stores don’t seem to carry soba noodles, although I swear I used to see them when I had no interest in buying them. So, this morning found me at the park with the dog, and I decided to stop by the Asian grocery store on the way home. Going to this store is always such a production, as they only take cash, the parking lot is laid out stupidly, and it smells like fish and chicken feet. The store was packed and there were tons of horrid, horrid children.  Ok, so maybe horrid is too strong of a word, but in less than five minutes three different kids hit me with their carts.    

The noodle aisle is quite extensive, but why were some soba noodles $4.95 for less than a pound, but others were $1.95? The Husband reads Chinese, but he wasn’t with me (and yes I realize that soba noodles are Japanese, but they had Chinese characters on them), so I had no idea what the difference was. I grabbed an inexpensive batch and headed to the cashier, where there was a line of ten people waiting to be rung up, with the line snaking off in two directions. I stood in line for a minute, thought of Miss Pooch waiting in the car and the Baptists about to steal all the parking by my house, said, ‘Eff it’ and left.    

Blame this face.


2 Responses to “Never mind”

  1. lsaspacey Says:

    Yay, you picked Angie!!

  2. Cathy Says:

    Blame this face, ha the best blog entry after my favorite – LOL Lemonade on the Lawn composed by my Mom at applejacklane. You two need to meet it would be a “hoot” made in heaven!!

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