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Blackberry Almond Shortbread Squares August 11, 2010

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It seems like it’s been forever since I made one of the Martha Meals. We were out of town again last weekend so I didn’t get to cook anything. I can’t say that I missed it! 

(I got a new camera in the interim, but was having some technical issues, so there are no photos of some of the dishes.) 

Menu No. 31: Herbed Turkey Burgers; Tomato Salad; Creamed Corn; Blackberry Almond Shortbread Squares (from Martha Stewart’s Dinner at Home) 

Turkey Burgers

More burgers! These involved ground turkey combined with shallots, Dijon mustard (did you honestly think it wouldn’t?!), minced mint and parsley. We were uncharacteristically out of shallots, and the grocery store didn’t have them, so I tried to reconstitute a clump of shallot salt to substitute. It didn’t really work. How surprising!. 

Aside from all that, the burgers were fine. They were mintier than I prefer, and steamed in the skillet rather than browned so I wish I had gone with my instinct to grill them. They were fine for a quick weeknight dinner, but there are better burger recipes out there. I did lurve my little Pepperidge Farm slider-size buns, though. 

Tomato Salad

A beefsteak tomato was combined with cherry tomatoes and black olives, with a dressing of balsamic vinegar and garlic sautéed in oil, plus oregano. At first I liked this, but then it quickly overpowered the rest of the meal. I don’t like olives so that was part of the problem. The Husband liked it with the minty burger. He is silly. 


Creamed Corn: 

I have very limited experience with creamed corn, having only had the disgusting canned variety many years ago. It was sweet and viscous and BLECH. 

This doesn’t involve any added sugar (or high-fructose corn syrup, for that matter), thankfully. I had to sauté a minced jalapeño in olive oil, then added the de-cobbed corn kernels. She said to sauté the corn for 5-7 minutes, but mine were tender in 3, so I stopped lest they get overcooked. I took out some of the corn and pureed it with some milk and cream, then it was added back to the pan with the corn and reduced. 

The corn was good, but I wish my jalapeno had been more flavorful, as we really couldn’t taste it. The Husband had some issues with the consistency of the sauce, but I thought it was fine. 


YUM!!! Here is where I admit that I had been salivating over the photo of these in the cookbook all winter, so as soon as the blackberries were in season I made them. This was the best dessert we’ve made from this book so far! 

You make a simple almond shortbread dough; some goes on the bottom as crust, and some goes on top as a crumble, and in between are blackberries. I am a big fan of shortbread so this really floated my boat. 

Look at the size of that berry!


The only problem, and of course there is one, is that there wasn’t enough of the dough. I made a half batch and the bottom crust was very thin. I gave the recipe to a friend, who made the full batch, and she said there was barely enough of the crust to cover the bottom of the pan. So, maybe the trick would be to use the full crust recipe but to bake it in an 8’x8’ pan, rather than a 9” x 13” one.  But you should totally make them! 




This meal was fine, although I don’t plan to eat any of the leftover tomatoes, so what does that tell you? The real star was the dessert. How unusual! 

Turkey Burger: B 

Tomato Salad: B 

Creamed Corn: B+ 

Dessert: A


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  1. The shortbread looks wonderful and I love blackberries!

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