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Happy Birthday, Julia! August 15, 2010

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This week we tell Martha to suck it!

Actually, today would have been Julia Child’s 98th birthday, so to celebrate her legacy we cooked several of her recipes, along with some other French food, for some friends.

The Husband made two breads: Julia’s pan de mie, which I topped with Boursin cheese and radish slices, and two loaves of fougasse.

We also made Julia’s Amuse -Gueules du Roquefort, some marinated olives, toasted rosemary almonds, and deviled eggs with caper powder. We got that  recipe from DC restaurant Firefly, published by the Washington Post. We had an amazing smoked whitefish brandade there last week, so we also attempted to recreate it.   We rounded things out with some calf’s liver pate and salami, and a ton of French wine of all sorts.

For dessert, I made the first cake Julia ever had in France, a reine da Saba (‘Queen of Sheba cake), which is chocolate and almond. I couldn’t have any lest I get a migraine, but The Husband said it was pretty good if a bit overcooked. He made the chocolate buttercream frosting. I also made a jalousie framboise, which is a puff pastry tart with raspberry jam.

I am busting out of my pants, so I think Julia would be proud.


2 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Julia!”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    yum –party on. happy bday JC!

  2. Forgot that we made white bean dip, too. And there were some champagne grapes that were tasty, too.

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