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Amour Wine Bistro September 1, 2010

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This post is to alert the locals about this new-ish place in Carytown.

The Husband decided that he wanted to celebrate the end of his birthday month (yes, month) last night by going out for a drink after work. We popped into Secco for a glass of wine, then moseyed down the street, on the way to our next stop. On the way, we stopped to look at the menu for Amour Wine Bistro, and the waiter came out to tell us how they do things.

The owner, a native of France (the Alsace region, to be specific), picks a region of France each month and features wines from that area. Starting yesterday, it’s the Loire region, Mr. Squeaky Peanut’s favorite. The wine list offers half and full pours, and tasting flights ranging from $10 to $39. We were sold as soon as we saw that, and practically knocked the waiter over trying to run into the bar.

The restaurant also features an ingredient each week, with all the dishes built around it. This week it’s broccoli, so there was a broccoli salad, soup, sides, etc.  If you want dinner with table service, the only option is the prix fixe, which includes three courses (a choice of two for each, plus a cheese course supplement option) and three glasses of wine for $39. If, however, you sit at the bar, as we did, you can order some of the dinner offerings, plus a couple of appetizers, individually.

We were the only ones there when we arrived, so we had a lovely chat with the owner, who regaled us with stories of 200 year old Riesling, among other things. I had to try the grilled smoked trout with orzo and broccoli, which I paired with a Pascal Jolivet pouilly fumé. The Husband got the pissadaliere, and a glass of Pastis. When the owner heard he liked Pastis and Pernod, he said he knew they would be good friends.

The house-smoked trout was amazing! It had a nice smokey flavor but wasn’t salty and it was perfectly cooked. The dish is priced at $12, which I think is more than fair for the size of the fillet. It came with some steamed vegetables, and orzo with broccoli. The Husband enjoyed his pissadaliere, too.

We calculated that there are enough wines on the list to try one a day through the month of September. If you need to find us you know where we’ll be!


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