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Topsy Turvy Land September 19, 2010

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Meal No. 37:  Some Salmon; Some Weird Leek Sauce; Some Rice with Stuff in It; Some SUGAR SNAP PEAS Again; Gelatin with Stuff in it.   (This is also on her website! Damn it all.) 


I am so glad Martha has finally published a recipe that tells me exactly how to salt and pepper a salmon filet and cook it in a skillet! I never would have figured out that I needed to both salt and pepper it, then put it in a skillet and cook it. 

So, yeah, the salmon was fine. This fish was also caught by Dr. Caitlin in Alaska, so it was awesome, no thanks to Martha. 

Giant and gorgeous. No dye!

Also, it was served on arugula for no particular reason. 

Leek Sauce

The leek sauce was not awesome, not one bit. 

I did kind of mess it up, forgetting to put the wine in before the cream, but even if I hadn’t I believe it would have tasted weird, anyway. It was bitter. We didn’t eat it with our gorgeous salmon.  

Rice Salad:  

I hate dill, naturally. In fact, I think I hate it more than cilantro, which I have almost come to terms with. Cilantro is in everything I like to eat, so I just suffer through it. But dill is more specialized and therefore easier to avoid. I do like it in pickles, though. I don’t know why–I didn’t ask to be this way!!! 

The recipe involved cooking some rice, then tossing it with a dressing made of olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, salt and pepper, and red onions soaked in red wine vinegar (the vinegar was strained off), lemon zest and dill. I segregated some without dill to eat, and oddly enough, the batch with the dill tasted better! How could this be? Am I dead? 

The Husband really liked the rice. In fact, he says he liked it more than the salmon, which he loves more than anything, except maybe Miss Pooch. 

Sugar Snap Peas: 

Sautéed in butter and lemon juice, then topped with toasted almonds. Martha wanted me to roughly chop some of the nuts, and grind up others, and no, I did not do that. These were fine. Why is she so fond of sugar snap peas? Three summer recipes have included them and I just don’t get it. I substituted green beans in one because it’s boring to keep eating them. They’re not awful, but they look and taste like something that grows in a cold storage warehouse. 




Raspberry Mint Gelatin:


Mint sugar syrup + white grape juice + gelatin + lime juice + raspberries= minty gelatin. The same effect could be achieved much more easily by brushing my teeth and then eating a raspberry.  It also did not set! It was like gelatin jam in consistency.  This was a travesty, wasting those raspberries. Why couldn’t we make a raspberry tart? 


Did you know we have two cats? We got a letter from their agent. It seems they are upset that Miss Pooch gets a lot press on here and Tarry and Toddle. What can I say? She has a publicist,  and when she says jump, we ask, “How high?” 

Therefore, in the interest of fairness, we have opted to feature Thing 2 this week: 


Perhaps it is not the most flattering pose— winking whilst being bound by a dog leash— but bad publicity is better than no publicity, right, tabbykins? 


The meal was a lot more complicated than it appears. I used four colanders/sieves, four skillets, several bowls, nearly every other dish in the house, and had to use the food processor twice. And for what?  I want my Sunday afternoon back! 







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