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Eating Soup Like a Goop September 22, 2010

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 Meal No. 38: Spicy Stir-Fried Shrimp; Rice Noodles with Coconut Broth; Braised Bok Choy; Sorbet with Wonton Crisps 

Although most of Martha’s Asian-style meals have been good, the last coconut soup was a slimy disaster, so I was a tad nervous. 


Super fast, super easy, super delicious! The recipe calls for sautéing shrimp in an Asian chili sauce, along with a shallot and a bit of sugar. I didn’t realize we were out of shallots so I used a bulb of elephant garlic. Most of the chili sauces I saw had either a lot of sugar or sulfites, or both, in them so I went with a gochujang paste/sauce, which we used to love with our bibimbop when we lived in a place that had good Korean restaurants. 

The shrimp were spicy and very tasty even on their own. I wish I could eat them every day for the next month. I think skewering them and grilling them might be even tastier. 

The Husband is allergic to shrimp so I stir fried some pressed tofu in the sauce with garlic, and it turned out pretty well, but not nearly as good as my shrimpies. He enjoyed them, though. 

Rice Noodles with Coconut Broth: 

This turned out like a noodle soup, but I may have used fewer noodles than I was supposed to, as the package was open and I am not sure how many ounces were left. I could have weighed them but I didn’t.  I also couldn’t find the limes I was sure I bought last weekend, but in the end it didn’t matter. 

Chicken broth was simmered with a can of coconut milk, a stalk of lemongrass, fish sauce and a chopped up mixture of basil, cilantro, garlic, a chili pepper, and some ginger. There was an unfortunate chili pepper incident– the recipe calls for a red chili pepper and I bought an unlabeled species that I assumed was a red jalapeño. Oh, no, it was not. It was atomic, it was so spicy. Luckily I tried a bit before I put it in the soup, so it didn’t ruin anything other than my mouth. I had to drink two glasses of milk and make a poultice of yogurt for my lip before I could continue functioning. Luckily, I had some actual jalapeños that I could substitute for the fire bomb. 

After the mixture simmered for five minutes, the cooked rice noodles were added. She says to add extra chili, cilantro, basil and the lime juice; I have to admit that, being lazy, I added none of those extra things. The soup was really surprisingly good on its own–almost like what you might get in an actual Thai restaurant, and even The Husband was impressed! The shrimp, added to the top of the bowl, really put it over the edge of yumville.  

My one complaint is how messy the soup was to eat. I was splashing stuff all over the table, like a Goop. Do you know the Goops? These are pre-Gwyneth Paltrow Goops. They were in a book of fairy tales/poems I had as a kid. They were drawn disgustingly, with elliptical heads, on split-pea-green-soup-colored pages. They were the star of a poem designed to teach kids manners. It must have worked because I have never forgotten this portion of the little ditty: 

The Goops they lick their fingers. 

The Goops they lick their knives. 

They spill their broth on the tablecloth– 

Oh, they lead disgusting lives! 

The last line asks if you want to be a Goop. I guess Gwyneth said, Yes, I do

Braised Baby Bok Choy: 

This was also very easy–brown bok choy in oil, then simmer in chicken stock and soy sauce. It was good, but the soy sauce didn’t go with the Thai style soup at all. Wrong ethnic group! 


Dessert was to be mango sorbet, with wonton wrappers sprinkled with sesame seeds and ginger and an egg wash. We still have lemon sorbet left over from Martha’s Tequila Sundae night, so I didn’t want to buy any more, nor did I want to buy a package of 3000 wonton wrappers when I needed just four. 


Surprising tasty! You should totally make it. Well, don’t make the bok choy with the soup because they don’t go together. 

Shrimp: A+ 

Noodle Bowl:  A 

Bok Choy: B 

Dessert:   Guess we’ll never know… 

Next up is the last of the SUMMER recipes. It involves pureeing canned tuna and boiling beets. Is it any wonder I left this one for last?


2 Responses to “Eating Soup Like a Goop”

  1. Angie Says:

    Ok, the noodle bowl sounds like the best thing you have cooked during this entire adventure through her cookbook. I’ll have to look that recipe up. 🙂

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