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Steaks & Cakes October 28, 2010

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This week’s meal involved making a full dinner with a baked dessert in under an hour. But was it good?

Meal No. 42:  Skillet Rib-Eye Steaks; Broiled Peppers with Melted Cheese; Broccoli with Garlic and Anchovies; Molten Chocolate-Espresso Cakes. Recipes, from Martha Stewart’s Dinner at Home, can be found online here, but the dessert is called Chocolate Truffle Cakes, and is a bit different. Hmm.  

The steak:

The recipe called for rib-eye, which I couldn’t find, so I got a T-bone. Or maybe it was a Porterhouse. I don’t know–it was nearly a pound and had a bone in it.

The steak was salted, peppered, and pressed gently with rosemary. Olive oil was heated in a cast iron skillet with a couple of cloves of garlic, then the steak was tossed in to sear. It only seared in one spot, so I guess my steak wasn’t cut evenly, or my burner is crap, or probably both. Once the steak was done, it was removed, and more rosemary was tossed into the pan of oil until it sizzled, then the oil/herb mixture was poured over the steak.

The rosemary lent a nice flavor, but the oil was too much for me. Ew.


Oddly enough, the store didn’t have asiago cheese (although there were plenty of more exotic choices) so once I broiled the Anaheim chiles for five minutes I stuffed half with a string cheese stick and half with a Mexican cheese blend we happened to have in the house, and popped them back in the oven until the cheese browned.

These were ok–The Husband found the texture of the string cheese suspect, as I knew he would. The Mexican cheese melted nicely, but it needed something else to make it really tasty. I suppose I could have used a hotter pepper, but the Anaheim was one of the types she suggested. 


Broccoli was sautéed with garlic and chopped anchovies in olive oil. It seemed a touch oily, and although the dish seemed seasoned, it wasn’t apparent that it was anchovies doing the work. I suppose that could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you feel about anchovies.

Molten Lava Cakes:

 At last! A “real” dessert! Too bad I couldn’t eat it, due to its chocolate content. These were very quick to mix up. I made a half batch, which made three little cakes. At first the insides were appropriately gooey, then, just as Martha foretold, they were fudgey on the inside after cooling to room temperature.

The Royal Taster/Husband says they were good, but he thought they were too alkaline in taste, due to the bittersweet chocolate and espresso powder. He thinks he would have liked them better if made with some semi-sweet chocolate instead. Note that this didn’t stop him from eating all three in one day.

The recipe in the above link is different, as it doesn’t have vanilla and involves more chocolate and fewer eggs. She says to make that one a day ahead for extra fudginess. I wonder why she changed the recipe for the menu?  There’s a similar molten lava cake recipe on the site that doesn’t contain espresso. Ah, well.


I was quite pleased that the entire meal only took 50 minutes to make. It was all edible, so I will chalk this up as a win, although I don’t think I would make any of these recipes again without tweaking them. I also thought it seemed a bit heavy, what with the steak, oil on the steak, cheese, oil on the broccoli, and cake.  The Husband was wondering where the carbs to absorb the fat were.  Also, the photos were all very unappealing, so I didn’t add them.

Steak:  B  I think this would have been better cooked on the grill, and without the oil poured on top.

Peppers: B

Broccoli:  B

Cakes:  B


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