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Where Your Vote Matters, Kind Of November 3, 2010

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Hello, little chitterlings!

No new Martha recipe to report upon yet. Last week found me experimenting with baked donuts and making soups instead. The donuts need some work, but this soup was phenomenal.

Now, the point of the post is this: My project of cooking through Dinner at Home is coming to an end, as there are but 10 recipes left. I can’t even believe it.  The thought of being able to cook whatever, whenever I want is exhilarating!

But! I would miss posting. I still have a steady group of readers and subscribers, so I think I may continue. But in what manner? Should I pick another cookbook? Cook my way through my giant notebook of as-of-yet untried recipes I have pulled out of magazines and printed off the interwebs over the last few years? Maybe some of my subscribers are sick of reading this but are too polite to unsubscribe, so you’re hoping SP goes dark at the end of the hazelnut mini muffins?

So, I am opening this up for discussion/suggestions as to what to do next. If it’s to be another cookbook, I would prefer that it not be dedicated to one type of cuisine, like a Mexican cookbook, for example, although I am not ruling it out, as I love my Mexican Everyday cookbook. I also prefer that it not be outrageously unhealthy and/or stuffed with a lot of meat recipes. For that reason, Nigella Lawson and Pioneer Woman are out, too. We were thinking of going way in the other direction, and doing Veganomicon, but that scares me. Also, it cannot be a millionty pages long, like Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything (Vegetarian), as much as I love it.

Of course all the recipes shouldn’t be too good (ruling out Barefoot Contessa) or my posts won’t be any fun to write. How many times can you write, “Oh, it was really good!” and not get bored?

For the record, Martha Stewart has another cookbook set up like this one, with 52 meals arranged by season, called Healthy Quick Cook. I doubt that they are either healthy or quick, and it’s out of print but I could get a used copy. Do I dare commit to suffer through another year of Martha?!?!?!

Please leave a comment if you have a suggestion!

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9 Responses to “Where Your Vote Matters, Kind Of”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Wait, I wanted to hear about the baked donuts!

  2. Well, the vanilla one that came with the pan was not exciting or that flavorful. The apple cider one had a good flavor, but more of a muffin texture. Experiment continues.

  3. cassandra Says:

    Well, I definitely think you should do it again, but I’m not sure it will be as fun to bitch about anyone else as it is with Martha. Personally, I like the idea of cooking through Pioneer Woman, arteries be damned!!

  4. Also, if I do a search inside the book and the first recipe that pops up combines hamburger meat and fat-free Miracle Whip, that is also a ‘NO.’

  5. El Corte Says:

    You could try crafting your way through Amy Sedaris’ new book, Crafts for Poor People! She even includes recipes like the one i saw on the tee vee this morning; baked potat ships!

  6. lsaspacey Says:

    I vote for the yet untried recipes in your notebook. I have a huge file folder of mine and I could appreciate seeing someone actually following through.

    Hey! You could even use my file, so you would be making recipes you didn’t even get a chance to pick. Like a mystery bag of fun!

    Mine are pretty healthy, from Cooking Light, Vogue magazine, Cottage Living, Marie Claire, and hey some Martha too! Think about it, ok?

  7. fastnrangy Says:

    Please continue! I heart my SP fix every week! Martha is fun to make fun of, and given the likliehood that her quick and healthy meals are neither, there is plenty of fodder for mockery. But maybe you want to share the love. How about Rachel Ray? Some folks love to hate on her, which I didn’t understand until I saw her talk show (not her cooking show, her talk show); my ears are still bleeding. I have her 365 No Repeats cookbook and have actually made many good things out of it. Some of the “meals” are more complete than others, and some certainly are on the really long side of 30 minutes. But I also like the idea of cooking all those recipes that you’ve cut out and never actually made. I, too, have lots of those. Whatever you do, keep posting!

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