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Meat atrocities: fine if you like that sort of thing… December 19, 2010

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Meal NUMBER 50!

Pork Chops with Sautéed Apples and Onion; Shaved Fennel-Celery Salad; Mustard Mashed Potatoes; Maple Custards

Pork Chops:

The recipe involved bone-in pork chops, onions, Fuji apples, Armagnac, chicken stock, and butter. 

I am not going to give you the measurements for these ingredients, and I am not going to discuss its cooking method. I am taking a stand: it’s time to put an end to the whole Fruit with Pork thing. Now.  If you want to put pork with some garlic, or herbs, or BBQ sauce I will support your right to do so. But I just cannot allow this fruity meat thing to continue.

I wish I had a video of The Husband’s reaction to this part of the meal. There are many variations one can do of, “Oh, my god. This is soooo disgusting.” One can shake one’s head, and just repeat over and over again, “Oh, no.” Or say”Nuh uh,” several times over, then follow it with an “Ohhhhhhh, this is reallllllllly disgusting,” then an, “Oh my god! It’s gross! It’s really soooo gross” Then one can burst out laughing at how much one hates it.

THEN, one can admit that the flavors on the plate, while hideous, do complement one another, if one were into such things…


The fennel was not shaved, fyi. It was sliced, as was the celery. Kohlrabi is too fancy to be found at the several stores I tried, so we had to do without. The dressing was apple cider vinegar, Dijon mustard (oh, how I have missed you), honey, and oil. I was supposed to use walnut oil, but didn’t for allergy-avoidance purposes.

I didn’t hate it as much as I expected to. It was pretty quiet in flavor. I liked that it was crunchy. Most importantly, this is the last of the year of terrible salads!


These were Yukon Gold potatoes, boiled with their skins on for a rustic effect. They were mashed with whole-grain mustard, chicken broth and olive oil. These were the best thing on the plate, which I suppose isn’t saying much, but they were tasty. I like mustard and think this is a fun idea for a side dish, if you were making kielbasi or something along those lines.


We both normally hate maple, but we got some maple syrup from Trader Joe’s that is remarkably un-mapley in flavor. Otherwise I would have skipped this dessert.

I whisked together egg yolks, maple syrup and vanilla, then slowly mixed in heated milk and cream. The mixture was baked in ramekins in a water bath, then chilled. I poured a little bit of maple syrup on top before serving.

This was much better than I expected! The Husband took a bite and said, “OH, MY! I love this texture!!!!” It was silky smooth. Yum.


As I said above, the flavors all went together, but that is not necessarily a good thing, in my opinion. The sweet pork was not cute, the salad was just ok, but the potatoes and dessert were good. I could see people who like sweet meat and fennel really digging this meal.

Pork:  F, for our palates, but if you like fruit and pork you would probably give it a B

Fennel salad:  B

Mashed potatoes:  A

Maple custard: A+


One Response to “Meat atrocities: fine if you like that sort of thing…”

  1. Eugenio Says:

    Very funny post, I respect your taste, but I guess I am one of the offenders in the pork and fruit category. Keep going!

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