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Green Food Stuffs February 13, 2011

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So! I think I may have found a cookbook under the Martha Stewart umbrella to work my way through.

The editors of her Whole Living magazine have just released a cookbook titled, Power Foods, featuring, natch, 38 “power foods” that are the healthiest things to stuff in your pie hole. I try to eat fairly healthily, but could also use help ingesting more vegetables and such. I like that there are only three red meat recipes in the entire cookbook, and very little dairy other than Greek yogurt and the occasional sprinkle of parmesan or goat cheese.

The book has a large section at the front describing the benefits of each of the 38 power foods, and tips on how to prepare them, which is great if you are reading about papaya, but not so helpful for eggs. Then the book is broken into sections on breakfast, snacks, sandwiches, soups, main dishes, side dishes, and desserts.

There is a foreward by Martha herself! I don’t pretend to believe that she wrote any of the recipes, but some are awfully similar to recipes in Dinner at Home, like the pears with chocolate and baked apples, both of which were terrible. Yay.

I think there will be lots to snark at, such as the concoction I am drinking as I type this. It is an avocado pear breakfast smoothie ( it is 9 pm in reality–I don’t do fruit or sugar in the morning) made with avocado, silken tofu, honey, pear nectar, vanilla and ice. Hmm. Well, it isn’t as terrible as you would think,  but the vanilla overpowers it and it has a very odd taste. I would certainly never drink one willingly again. It’s good for me, though, right?

With the other half of the avocado (you don’t think I would make a full batch of that nonsense, do you?) I tried another breakfast item, the avocado and boiled egg salad. Can you make a salad with two ingredients? The  recipe is to mix chopped avocado, boiled egg whites, olive oil, salt and pepper. I do not know why this is considered a “recipe” any more than pouring booze on fruit, but this time I actually liked how it tasted and would eat it again. The Husband refused to even try it.

The third thing I’ve tried so far is a soy wasabi dip I made for my book club. It involved pureeing endamame, silken tofu, wasabi paste, Chinese hot mustard and lemon juice. I made it the night before and it was very spicy, but by the next day it had mellowed enough that I had to add more wasabi and mustard. I couldn’t get it to be as spicy again, and so I gave up. Some people said they liked it, but they are all very polite. I thought it was ok–endamame are kind of bland to me so I think it needed something else to help it out. It was a good excuse to eat rice crackers, at least.

Smoothie:  D  for demented ingredient list

Avocado & Egg Salad:  B  It tasted good, but why not add some additional foods to it?

Soy Wasabi Dip:   B (edited grade. I had some leftovers and thought it was pretty ok).


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